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Skeleton Coast national park

The view of the Skeleton Coast may seem captivating from the air but it is a different story from land altogether. Formerly known as Skeleton Coast it is now named as Skeleton Coast national park. This lovely coastline in Namibia starts from the Kunene river in the north and ends in the south of Uqab river.

The Skeleton coast is the strangest and loneliest coast that spreads thousands of kilometers. The reason behind the name of the coastline are the bones that have lined the beaches. Most of these bones are of humans but there are many whales and seal skeletons that have been found around the area.

The coast line has a couple of rusting shipwrecks. The wrecks are home to Cape fur seals, and seabird colonies, which are good for photographic ventures.

Why visit the Skeleton Coast

Most of you will be wondering that why should anyone consider to visit this brutal sounding place. The place is a pristine shoreline which is beautiful nevertheless.

There are number of species present on the coast. Despite of its deadliest nature, you will find elephants, zebras, giraffes and many other large mammals. Not only the large mammals, there are many reptiles present in the dessert. Armor plated lizards are some of the reptiles that can be found there. These lizards can be 30 centimeter long and can weigh up to 120 grams. According to records there are 247 species of birds found in the skeleton coast.

How can you reach Skeleton Coast?

Travelling to the skeleton coast can be a bit expensive but it is worth that expense. The best way to reach there is to join a fly-in safari. It is advisable to travel by air so that you will enjoy the scenic, breath taking scenes from the air. The plane usually flies low in the air which is why it is easy to experience the desert life and see the dunes. There are also many 4x4 vehicles available that you can rent. Regular cars can also be useful.

Visitors are only allowed to visit the park between the sunrise and sunset. Near the coast there is an ecologically sensitive area that is restricted for the general public access and only few operators can visit that area.

The Skeleton coast is one of the best coastline to be visited in Africa. The sound of the sand because of the air can be an amazing experience for any visitor. The amazing sight to watch is when wind blows the sand up a dune and drops it. A perfect place for days trips. Skeleton coast is known for its scenic beauty, mountains, dunes and endless landscapes with colorful plains. The changing moods of nature attracts many tourists every year to this unique destination, and after visiting the place you will also experience the wonders of nature.