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Art & Culture in Tazania

Tanzania has much more to offer than its natural beauty. Many people do not realize that the art & culture of the country is very rich. The country is home to more than a hundred different ethnic groups and so the country has become a nice mosaic of cultures. Most of the ethnic groups in the country have kept their traditions alive and this can be seen in the different sites that are spread all over Tanzania.

For those who want to sample the culture of Tanzania there are several sites from prehistoric times that have a unique charm of their own. At the same time, it pays to check out forgotten kingdoms like that of Ngaruka.

As for arts, Tanzania has incorporated influences from colonial times. For those who have a special interest in the art of Tanzania, it is interesting to note that the country has incorporated many influences from Persia as well as from Arabs. The art of Tanzania includes dance and drama as well as more. Music and paintings as well as films and sculptures are other areas of art that give you a good perspective of Tanzania.

The country is very progressive and its art & culture is the result of influences from various regions of the world including India, Africa, Europe and Arab countries. The music and dance of the country is very vibrant and lively and will entertain even the most serious-minded people.

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