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Self catering accommodation in Namibia

There is no shortage of self-catering accommodation in Namibia. In fact, in every town in Namibia there will be at least a few. Families who plan on driving through the country will find them to be a very worthwhile accommodation option. Guests get to spend a few days at a self-catering property and enjoy an affordable holiday at locations that are located near major attractions in the country.

Most self-catering establishments are duplex style homes that are equipped with all the amenities needed to make your stay a very pleasant one. They are mostly called holiday homes, chalets, Cottages, apartments, or villas. These properties are owned by locals who rent them out either to locals who are out enjoying a Namibia vacation or to tourists from overseas.

Most self-catering establishments are well maintained and they are usually located close to shopping areas as well as to various amenities. In addition, they offer upper class facilities at the most reasonably priced rates. So, if your budget is limited you should opt to stay at one of them. The rooms are stylish, spacious as well as comfortable and the property will normally be located close to the city or town center.

Such establishments are a good option for those who are not particularly fussy and who need an accommodation that offers good value for money. It is not unusual to find them offering all amenities including air conditioning, free Internet, High Definition TV and fully equipped kitchens and more. Luxury suites that are and comfortable are also available.

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